Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Braves Bobbles We'd Like to See

As the Braves bobblehead season comes to a close, I’ve updated my list of Braves bobbleheads I’d like to see. The 2016 season wasn’t too bad, and hopefully the team can keep it up next year. Some of these players and events are from so long ago that many current fans may be unfamiliar with them.

Have any other suggestions?

Milwaukee Braves Hank Aaron MVP 30 HR 30 SB BH
Hank Aaron Tommie Aaron brothers with the most homers double BH
Usher Walter Banks BH
Young Dusty Baker BH
Braves 40 HR triple BH: Aaron / Davy Johnson / Darrel Evans
Francisco Cabrera game-winning hit BH
Rick Camp extra innings game-tying July 4th HR BH
Rico Carty 1972 ASG write-in starter BH (w/ wallet in back pocket)
Tony Cloninger 2 Grand Slam 9 RBI game pitching/hitting double BH
ABC Crackers BH
Bullpen catcher Bobby Dews BH (w/ shin guards)
Rafael Furcal unassisted triple play BH
Ralph Garr the Roadrunner BH
Braves pitching coach Bob Gibson BH
Marquis Grissom World Series-winning catch BH
Bob Horner ROY (or 4 HR in one game) BH
Glenn Hubbard snaked draped BH
Brian Jordan Braves Falcons double BH
Lemke Blauser pressbox fire double BH
Atlanta Crackers manager Earl Mann BH
Rabbit Maranville Braves HOF BH
E Mathews / H Aaron teammates with the most homers double BH
Leo Mazzone rocking BH
Superhero Fred McGriff Crime Dog BH
Denny Neagle / Katie Wood double bobble
Phil Niekro no hitter BH
Phil Niekro Joe Niekro winningest brothers double BH
Otis Nixon wall catch BH
Braves pitching coach Satchel Paige BH (in rocking chair?)
Pascual Perez wrong way on 285 BH
Phil the Bucket BH
Deion Sanders Braves Falcons double BH
Smoltz carrying Greg Olsen celebrating BH
Smoltz Maddux Glavine triple BH
Spahn & Sain & pray for rain BH
Dansby Swanson first MLB HR sliding into home BH
Manager / player Joe Torre double BH
Ostrich racing Ted Turner BH
Bob Uecker picking up ball at backstop BH
Earl Williams ROY BH

A series of pitching coach gnomes or nesting dolls: Leo Mazzone, Roger McDowell, Bob Gibson, Satchel Paige. Or the Home Depot Tool Race tools.

The Braves need a bobblehead display somewhere in their new stadium.
Other suggestions for 2017 stadium promotions: Dansby Swanson jersey T-shirt, Dansby Swanson posters, win-a-date with Dansby, and Dansby Swanson stick-on sideburns. For Star Wars night Dansby can die his hair light brown to match his Dansby / teen Annikan Skywalker Star Wars bobblehead. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t eighty-one Dansby promotions next year. You heard it here first.
The zombie bobblehead needs to be a player known for botching plays. BJ Upton would’ve been a natural.

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