Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Isaac & Joel

Left work Friday around 5:45. Long week. Ricky Glover had sent out an alert about the gas shortage, so I stopped at the first station I saw. The QT was crowded, but there wasn’t a line. I texted my three kids and told them to do likewise.
My habit is to pull out of the parking lot every day and call Ceil. She had told Becky we’d go to Joel’s concert. We met at Becky’s house and went from there. Arrived early to Smith’s Olde Bar at the corner of Piedmont and Monroe. Though we used to live a couple of blocks away, I’d never been there before. The young crowd filtered in, and by the time Isaac and Joel started at 8:08 the room was almost full. Becky, Ceil, and I were the oldest ones there. Saw several people we knew: the Beckenmeyers, Charles Norman, Charisa, Wesley, a different Isaac and Joel.
Will’s groomsman Harry played drums. Earlier in the day Harry had played golf, and knew playing drums for two bands in one night would wear him out. Groomsman Kevin stopped by on his drive from Davidson NC to Auburn AL, and we caught up with each other.

“The Voice” alum Jordy Searcy followed Isaac & Joel. Based in Nashville, Jordy, drummer Scooter, and the bearded keyboardist were spending the night at the Normans. Jordy was a ball of energy and put on a great show, encouraging participation and venturing out into the crowd to sing without a mic. Once he asked how the people in the back were doing, noting that at most of his shows there were only enough people to form a front.

Harry’s Athens band Mosaic was last to play. The lead singer was energetic, as was “Animal” the long-haired electric guitar player wearing a pair a classic Converse high tops.
The hour had passed 10:30 and the crowd was beginning to disperse. Many still there were talking, and as good as they were, Mosaic seemed to lose the room. They performed many songs which was great. We tried to stay to the end, but when the lead singer said “we have a couple more songs” for the third time, we slipped out. Didn’t get home until almost 11:30 pm.
Saturday I watched Alabama/Ole Miss will folding laundry and washing dishes. Watched UGA/Missouri while working on my computer, so the commercials didn’t faze me too much.  Ceil went to bed when things looked bad for the Dawgs. I was up late for a second straight night.
Sunday we left home at 8:30 and drove down to Passion City Church. Good guest speaker. Took 40 minutes from the time the service ended to exit the parking deck. Ran Ceil by Ponce City Market and split a burger and fries at the Sandy Springs Cheeseburger Bobby’s. Got home after 2 pm, my third outing of over 5-1/2 hours of the weekend. Took a nap, did more laundry, popped some corn, watched some football.
I’d rather watch the Falcons at home on turf wearing red jerseys and socks than on the road on grass in white with the black socks. The road unis look big and slow.
At 7:30 I decided to top off our cars with gas. C had filled up the CRV on Friday but had made a couple of trips. Checked five stations before finding long lines at a BP. While I was waiting I called M, who was loading up on snacks at Kroger. Earlier in the day I’d discovered he hadn’t gassed up on Friday, ignoring my warning. By the time he made it to the BP they were out of gas. This little adventure took over an hour.
Monday morning I passed seven stations before noticing gas at the RaceTrac on PIB, so I topped my tank. I should be good for the week. Worked until 6:30. Stopped twice on the way home – Goodwill and Kroger. Ceil cooked a good chicken dish, Matthew even ate some. Watched The Voice and Monday Night Football. Worked/played on my laptop. Boxed up three packages to ship. That kept me up past 11:30 – much too late.
I’m hearing lots of griping in the Atlanta media about Kirby Smart being less than accommodating, not being friendly and giving all the info they’re used to getting. In part it’s that same media’s fault, because they played a large role in running off the former coach. Too bad, there’s a new sheriff in town now.
We drove through Serenbe once. Ceil has gone there to arrange flowers for a wedding. There was a HGTV Dream Home there.
You need to watch the TV show “Atlanta Eats,” where 680 the Fan’s Steak Shapiro and WSB radio’s Mara Davis review various Atlanta restaurants. Right up your alley. If you only watch sports on TV, you need to make an exception for this.  
Interesting that so many traditional churches of varying denominations have female ministers of music and female pastors and associate pastors, but churches geared to seekers (Passion and North Point) do not. My sample: traditional churches in Fredericksburg, Charlotte, and Powder Springs all have had women associate pastors when I visited / watched on TV. Johnson Ferry has women deacons but not women ushers, and those women on the ministerial staff rarely help lead the service. PCC and NP have women give announcements and sing, but usually it’s the hip long-haired guys playing guitar and “leading” the music. I read Elizabeth Prata’s End Times blog. She’s anti-Andy and anti-Louie and anti-Beth Moore, as well as anti-women pastors. Not sure where she stands on women ministers of music. Have I stirred up a hornet’s nest yet?

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