Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 3 College Football Recap

Georgia's lack of an offensive line will cost Chubb the Heisman. As close as this game was, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Florida will be even tougher. Lots of balls bounced Mizzou's way: punts, tipped passes, etc.

HOW CAN A SEC KICKER MISS A 23 YARD FIELD GOAL? Sure he is a freshman, but this is game three. Then UGA defender Walker hits the QB after the interception, pushing the offense back 15 yards. Down seven, the Dawgs fail to score. Another missed field goal. With the lead Mizzou runs the ball. UGA tries to cause and fumble instead of tackling.

But young Eason sure can sling that ball, and the game-winning 80 yard touchdown drive was a thing of beauty.
Brent and Jesse kept retelling the "Isaiah McKenzie sure can change directions quickly – that's why they call him the Joystick" story over and over, sounding like Johnny Depp/Willie Wonka repeating the fact that his is the only factory in the world that mixes its chocolate with a waterfall (above).

The Missouri win looms large, because this week Ole Miss will be a much more formidable opponent. Bama's defeat of Ole Miss would've been worse had the fumble recovery TD been called back – either the targeting hit on QB Hurts, or the unnecessary roughness 20 yards behind the ball. Several other instances of thoughtless play in this game.
Bama's fumble recovery TD return almost didn't happen, when the four Bama defenders all celebrated instead of looking for opponents to block (above). Late in the game an Ole Miss receiver failed to get out of bounds. But none of these plays made ESPN's list of bonehead plays (below).

Many dislike CBS announcers Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist, but I love them. In the SEC Network studio, Danny Kanell comes off as likeable and informed. Former receiver Joey Galloway loves highlights featuring receivers, but his Kanell-directed barbs seems more hateful than humorous. He failed to give Kanell credit for pointing out the North Dakota State upset special over Iowa.

I didn't see Tech beat Vandy, but it appeared to be a nice win. Why would Tech call for a "gold-out" against a non-conference opponent - who also wears gold? Then the Jackets wore their regular white jerseys. GT is completely clueless about so many things. At least the uniforms look good this year (for a change).

I'm sure Dabo worked his players hard this week, surely drawing the ire of the faculty member who inaccurately protests everything. Glad that a student put him in his place. Even the esteemed Mississippi-born / University of Alabama-educated liberal University of Virginia professor Dr. Charles Marsh supported Swinney's comments on Facebook. Clemson finally played hard, taking out their frustrations on hapless SC State. But their next two opponents aren't pushovers.

Louisville's win over FSU put them in the driver's seat for a playoff berth. Only Clemson stands in their way. Hope that Louisville QB doesn't get the big head and leave college early for the NFL. He's the next Michael Vick, the next RGIII – two talented but constantly injured (thus under-achieving) NFL players. But of course it is all about the money.
ESPN's College Football Final show listed the top five bonehead plays. Tops was the SC State returner who neglected to down the kickoff before tossing the ball away in the end zone, gifting Clemson with an easy touchdown.
In the kid's defense, I've seen college officials whistle the play dead without the returner taking a knee. He may have been a freshman. In high school the officials stop play whenever a kickoff enters the end zone. And this year SC State may not have faced a kicker that could put the ball in the end zone.
Two of the other five bonehead plays were players racing to the end zone, but absentmindedly dropping the ball before they crossed the goal line. Luckily for them, the officials in both games missed the gaffe. As I've said before, an overwhelming majority of college football players do not spend their free time watching college football on TV, so they're not learning from the mistakes of others.
Catch of the year in the Ohio State/Oklahoma game. And your Georgia State Panthers put a scare into Wisconsin. What did I tell you?

South Carolina needed their all-black uniforms to beat mighty East Carolina. Not sure what they're gonna wear against Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Clemson.
LSU wore nice throwbacks (above), but the facemasks should've been grey. I don't think the players back in the day wore white shoes and high white socks up to their knees.

COMMERCIALS: The Gatorade commercial with the play of words on the old song Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." Most viewers probably don't make the connection. I may not be a famous actor/comedian, but at least I'm not that obnoxious Rob Riggle on the snozeapoluza ad. Nice that Saban's making commercials, but the "I probably am right" line doesn't make him any more likeable. I do like Kirby's two commercials, one with Hairy Dawg and the other with his kids.

If I played college football I would major in microbiology, so they'd talk about how smart I was on TV. Then I would take classes toward a PE degree.

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