Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Things Successful People Do

Things happy/successful people do differently. Another article for LinkedIn by young Dr Travis Bradbury. Some are repeats from earlier lists, but are good to hear again. Research shows those both successful and happy over the long term intentionally structured their activities around four major needs: Happiness (pleasure and satisfaction), Achievement (got tangible results), Significance (made a positive impact on those who matter most), and Legacy (passed their values and knowledge on to others).
These behaviors are the hallmarks of successful and happy people: they are passionate, swim against the current, finish what they start, are resilient, make health a priority, don’t dwell on problems, celebrate other’s successes, live outside the box, keep an open mind, and don’t limit anyone their joy.
Studies shows successful people possess a “growth” mindset, as opposed to seeing their abilities as fixed. Another study shows a strong correlation between social skills and success.
Successful people are often:
Polite, yet unafraid to rock the boat.
Passionate, yet rational and objective about their work. They can accept their mistakes.
Both convergent AND divergent thinkers. They’re both rational and can think outside the box.
Both energetic and calm. They stay under control.
Like both work AND play.
Ambiverts: comfortable to sit back sometimes and listen, and other times taking the lead.
They can be both na├»ve and smart. A childlike lack of awareness for constraints blindly accepted by others. They’re not limited to what others say is impossible.
They’re both humble and proud. Successful people know they wouldn’t be where they are without the people who came before them, and those they’ve worked with along the way. They know they didn’t achieve their success all on their own – and they’re OK with that, they don’t have anything to prove.
Focus on minutes, not hours.
Focus on only one thing.
Don’t use a to-do list (use a calendar instead)
Beat procrastination: figure out what you can do now to make sure your future self will do the right thing.
Make it home for dinner (value life).
Take notes. Write everything down. Use a notebook.
Process emails only a few times a day.
Avoid meetings.
Say “no” to almost everything.
Focus on the 20% of activities that yield 80% of the results, and ignore the rest.
Delegate almost everything.
Touch things only once.
Energy is everything: don’t skip meals, sleep, or breaks.
Get up early.
Accomplish an “impossible” goal.
“Meditate” (whatever that is). Pray instead. Listen to God.
Practice public speaking.
Talk to someone you don’t know.
Bite your tongue.
Quit putting things off.
Don’t wait for a title to lead.
Be disruptive –but gracious.
Think for yourself.
Focus only on what really matters.
Master conflict.
Inspire conversation.
Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Grow and leverage your networks.
Ask for help when needed.
Do it now.
(Again, some I’m good at and others I need work on).

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