Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thursday Braves Photos

More photos from Thursday's Braves game:
The game was delayed almost an hour and a half. Gave LJ and me time to explore. 
During the delay good-guy Mark Lemke climbed into the stands to deliver a gift to his buddy Darrell.
Nice view from the Ryerson seats.
Fan Plaza. We hung out on the other side of the Sweetwater kiosk in the middle.
The 755 Club offered a nice view of downtown.
The building at the far left is the new Mercedes Dome.
The Mercedes Dome is coming along.
Last year I took this same photo.
Panoramic of the 755 Club buffet,
overlooking the tarp-covered field.
The bobble was the popular "wall catch" design, depicting Andruw's famous "Spiderman" catches against the centerfield wall. With the popularity of superhero bobbles also a thing, it would've cool had Andruw been wearing a spidey suit. 

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