Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tim Tebow: Diamond Star?

Tim Tebow playing BASEBALL? Good grief! Now sure, he can do whatever he wants. But hitting an 80 MPH curveball is said to be the hardest thing to do in all of sports. Tebow is one of the top five greatest football players in SEC history, perhaps second only to Herschel. He has been a great example and ambassador for Jesus Christ. Can’t blame him for trying to make it as an NFL QB. There are stories of all the special handling and limited play calls Tebow’s skills could handle in the NFL. Can’t blame him for not wanting to play in Canada or change positions. But it’s gotten to the point where everything Tebow’s done is looked at through a microscope not only by the sports world, but also the entertainment industry. At this point he might do more for God by going off to Africa or the Dominican Republic or South America – but please, not Rio!
Tebow has already received one offer to play for an Independent team out west. Sounds like Jason Grilli’s agent – former Braves outfielder Gary Sheffield – is lobbying to represent Tebow. Whatever happens good or bad, be sure it will be captured on camera and shared with the world. Next up – the Tim Tebow Channel!  
Michael Phelps wins his first gold in Rio, the 19th of his Olympic career (the most in history) and he flashes the Johnny Manziel “show me the money” sign with both hands. He’s been there before. He’s had four years to think about this moment, and that’s what he does? I was not impressed.
Like all of us (and me in particular) Phelps has his issues. We all can’t have it all in control like a Derek Jeter or Jack Nicklaus. Very few can. Like ARod, Michael Phelps seems to need love and approval and confirmation. We all do, some more than others. In his prime ARod would be tearing the cover off the ball and he’d ask his teammates how his swing looked.
Many swimmers finish a race and look toward the stands, and at the scoreboard. Some more than others. Phelps does this more than most. Nothing wrong with being different or having needs, but he needs to lose the Manziel thing. Quickly.
TECH: The loss of GT’s AD brings to light the many issues with Jackets athletics. Most GT grads could care less about sports, and aren’t going to give money to the program. Most leave town after graduation. They aren’t going to buy the GT merchandise (much more crappy-looking than UGA’s, or Clemson’s, Auburn’s, Bama’s, UNC’s, Duke’s, etc.). Why buy a new cap when their 15 year-old cap is still in decent condition? Bobinski was rarely seen. Perhaps he knew what an impossible job he had, and jumped ship. Stanford and Duke and Northwestern can win. Tech has no excuse.   
In a related note, last night I bought a red UGA Hawaiian-style shirt.  
The Braves have won as many games in their last 14 (ten) as they won in their first forty. After their horrendous start they’ve played .500 ball.
Worked past 6:30 Monday night. On the way home I needed to stop for gas. M needed gas as well and I noticed he was coming through Roswell at the same time. We met at the BP on 92 at Crabapple. His car needs premium gas and my $1.80 / gallon discount made it $0.70 per gallon. He filled up with 15 gallons and I got five. Saved $36.00.  
Leftovers for dinner. Afterwards I blew off the driveway. Moved all four cars – three had been on the street waiting to be moved. Olympics on TV. W&MC went to Asheville so we had the two dogs. If one had to go outside the other wanted to go as well.
M was on our old Apple desktop computer and a virus thing came up. He couldn’t do anything. Finally I unplugged the computer. After supper we plugged it back in and it worked fine. I’m sure my sister will say we need to do all these things. It’s not like we have all the launch codes or other classified emails on there. Maybe it was the Russians.  
Tuesday: Stopped by Baskin Robbins on the way home for a Pralines ’n Cream cone. The taste brought back memories from high school.
Ceil baked chicken and gravy to go with rice and salad. Watched gymnastics and swimming, and worked on the computer.
A couple of weeks ago I called a guy about a car he had for sale. He must not have liked my questions (like have you changed out the timing belt?). He hung up and wouldn’t answer when I called back.
I heard Nobis was at the Buckhead 50 meeting. Last night I was watching a Falcons video. Kim McQuilken, Ray Brown, Haskell Stanbeck, Van Note, RC Theilman, June Jones, Alfred Jenkins – just before Bart and William Andrews joined the team.

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