Monday, August 22, 2016

Dansby Dansby Danbsy

TIP: when in doubt go with the headline that grabs readers.

Ran into JP at the game Thursday. I wasn't surprised to hear a Dansby story from him, since he knew the Swanson's years ago when J pastored a church in Cobb. Dansby's dad told J that his son had called from the minors, frustrated with his hitting/swing. His dad told him to get it worked out before a possible September first call-up. A few hours later Dansby called back with the news of his call-up. J's daughter is a freshman at UGA, involved in some of the same activities as Anna. They have yet to connect.

Any thoughts about Dansby's first series?

ROB: I have not seen Swanson field a ground ball yet, but I think I have seen all of his AB's.  Offensively, he looks like he belongs.  He seems to have competitive AB's, which was the scouting report on him.  I think they chose a good time to bring him up.

I wonder if they will bring up Albies during the next homestand.  I trust the scouts more than I trust me reading stats, but it looks like he has handled AA really well.

I don't think Jenkins misses enough bats to be a MLB starter.  Whalen has really good K numbers.

ME: Will's former coach Henry is no longer teaching at Wheeler – he's now teaching with Ceil at M's school in Alpharetta: Legacy. Friday we went over to Bill Willit's house for Matthew's class gathering. C is talking about returning to NP, I think.

Anna came home Saturday to celebrate her birthday. When she and C went to the mall I drove out to Gwinnett to collect the Chopper bobblehead, but didn't stay for the game. Got my picture taken with several mascots, including Buzz. Hairy Dog wasn't there. Went back home for Anna's birthday dinner. Seemed like I washed dishes all weekend, and Ceil did the dishes Saturday night.

Four team members were out this morning. Another new girl must be trained. Sales meeting for lunch. BBQ, I think. My sister-in-law's mother passed away this weekend. Visitation Tuesday night and funeral Wednesday mid-day. Mom's surgery Tuesday. This weekend Ceil and I have the chance to be together with all three kids for the same time since before the wedding over eight months ago, but I may need to be in Macon.

Getting brakes put on Anna's Jeep, so she drove my car back. I'll have to make a trip over there this week to switch them back.

Monday morning office music: Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson. Can You Feel it, by the Go Go's. A Rolling Stones song.

Ted Williams pitched one time. So did that Ruth guy. Gehrig pitched in college.

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