Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is it Wednesday?

Worked past six Monday. Maybe later. Drove home and threw on shorts and flip flops for the drive. Wanted to stop by the library before they closed at nine. Right as I got to the library I remembered I had left my clothes to wear on Tuesday, so I had to go back. Then I forgot to stop by the post office. Was almost 9:30 before I left East Cobb. Traffic downtown was still bad.
Checked out Mariano Rivera's autobiography. Very good. Made it to Macon and went to bed at midnight.

Up Tuesday before seven, and to the hospital by 8:30. Got mom checked in, but she wasn't wheeled off until 10:30 or so. Surgery was a success. The Doctor called and said he had "got it all". I knew I'd never be able to answer everyone's questions, so I didn't try to waste the doctor's time when he'd be visiting the room later in the day. Everyone would be asking him all the same questions even if I had explained everything to them in detail. All day long everyone would talk talk talk and no one was listening. Not my scene.

Chickfila for lunch. My scene.

Mom was wheeling back but was groggy. All day I tried to keep my work email clean so I wouldn't get to work with 300 emails. Also cleaned out my junk email. Stayed at the hospital until 6:30 or seven, then drove dad home. Sister was spending the night. Grabbed Taco Bell and $1.869 gas and headed back.

Monday the shop put rear brakes on the Jeep but Tuesday Ceil smelled smoke. She stopped by the shop – the Jeep was on fire. M was down in Buckhead at a late doctor's appointment, so Ceil didn't have a car to drive to the visitation.

Left the house this morning at 9 am and headed west to Powder Springs for my sister-in-law's mother's funeral. Sweet service. Since my sister was at the hospital with my mom, I was the only relative there on my brother's side of the family. The church was on Macland Road, which turns into Windy Hill. Took 75 one exit to 285 west to Peachtree Industrial. On the map is almost a straight line the whole way.

It's been a busy six days since last Friday, and it won't let up until at least next Monday.

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