Monday, August 29, 2016


Last week I went to Kroger around 10 pm and ran into Robert, the guy that dresses up like an indian at the Braves games. He asked how the game that night against the Diamondbacks was going, so I checked my phone. That’s when I found out about the Francoeur trade. The Braves didn’t get too much in return, but did Frenchy a favor by getting him in a pennant race. The Braves can always sign him again next spring if they want.
Worked hard Thursday, then went home and did yardwork past 9 pm. Stayed up past midnight. Ceil was watching a romantic comedy, then I watched some of Wisler and Dansby's masterpiece, then Streisand on Fallon. Ceil had made a vegetable chicken soup for supper.

Cleaned some Friday morning, and packed. Ceil drove Anna's Jeep to Athens, and M and I brought Barney about an hour later. We stopped by Taco Bell, later C and A had Chickfila.

Drove to Augusta. Saw MC and Okie, then the six of us (DCWAMB) piled in the CRV and drove to Jefferson. Traffic was slow over the Savannah River bridge, giving me time to check out a cool white 2017 Honda Civic two-door coupe (above).
Supped at Jefferson's finest: The Golden Nugget. You'd like the seafood.
Saturday: Woke up before 7 this morning for the family reunion golf tournament. Played with Will. Fun. As I was walking off the 18th green my Fitbit hit 10000 steps. Worn out. Only did 1156 steps the rest of the day, hanging out watching high school football, and later North Dakota State/Charleston Southern. Ceil brought home Subway for lunch. M picked up Bojangles for supper. I'll be sore for a few days. Saturday night I got some decent sleep. Still tired a good part of Sunday afternoon.

The family reunion was held at the local elementary school. Best I can remember, I’ve only attended two or three times previously in the 29 years we’ve been married. Per tradition, the lemonade committee arrived early and squeezed lemons into large galvanized tubs. Anyone who brought tea had it poured into a third tub. No unsweet tea that I saw. Attendance was 129. Not sure why the local minister showed up, because family members took care of the opening prayer and the blessing. We all said the pledge of allegiance – including the “under God” part. Two long tables of covered dishes. I finally stationed myself at the door to help people bringing in armfuls of food.
Pulled out of Jefferson around 3:30. Tough to get good gas mileage with the five us crammed in the car, along with Barney and two sets of golf clubs, and all the luggage. Friday on the trip east we got less than 245 MPG. I did better on the trip home, averaging 25.7 MPG from Jefferson to Athens. Stopped for five minutes in Augusta, and not much longer in Athens. Was 10 pm when we got home. After unloading the car I pretty much went to bed.
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