Saturday, August 13, 2016

Schuerholz Night

First in line this afternoon out at Gwinnett, and soon joined by several bobblehead friends. Rocked the old Greenville Braves cap, which showed up well in my selfie.
John Schuerholz threw out the ceremonial first pitch - caught by his son.
The right field corner offers a great view from the shade.
Two young preppy families sat in front of us, with this cutie poking around. Both dads were over-outfitted in un-matching golf memorabilia: British Open Belts, Masters sunglasses holder, US Open Caps, etc. Big Brother fans.
As usual, during the Dunkin Donuts Race, Chopper the Groundhog took matters in his own hands.
Tonight's prize. Not very valuable, but part of the Gwinnett collection.
The game started at six to accommodate to postgame Christian concert: OBB from Alpharetta, whose work I am unfamiliar. While snapping the photo of their concession I inadvertently captured the Maldinado family - legends in the bobblehead world. I met them for the first time in line. Their four children had been on the go since early morning, and couldn't have been more well behaved. 
Broke out the KD&'s for this game. I've been trying to wear a different pair of shoes to every game, but I'm hesitant to wear shoes I'm about to sell: the Huarache Trainers, black Pumas, black Jordan RCVRs, and the white Nikes.

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