Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chopper's Birthday

Arrived early as usual to CoolRay Field yesterday for the Chopper bobble. Second in line behind the Kennesaw nurse and her husband. Rocked the old Boston Braves cap, which matched my black tee.
Searched for baseballs in the weeds outside the outfield fence before the downpour, which didn't last long.
Soon the blue skies reappeared, bringing with it the humidity. The regulars began to show: the Maldondo kids, LJ, the red-haired kid and his mom, Johnny and Hugh. Finally at 5:10 Bobby dragged in. Co-worker Samantha showed, with nieces and nephews.
 Had to get a donut pic for Facebook friend Drew.
Hoping to blackmail me, Samantha eagerly took the pictures.
A good time-killer before the gates opened. 
Chopper climbed over the fence and stirred up the kids. Several local mascots showed to wish him a happy birthday.
Couldn't resist having my picture made with Oglethorpe's Stormy Petrel. My tweet of this picture was re-tweeted and liked more than most of my social media posts. I asked the foul if he knew Oglethorpe basketball star Conner Smith, but the bird shook his head no. Hmm.
I told Buzz that not only was I a Tech grad, but I remembered when the original Buzz made his debut.
Teams represented included the Gwinnett Gladiators, Emory?, Oglethorpe, Tech, the Greenville Bats, Atlanta's professional lacrosse team, and the Atlanta Dream.
Wore my old Reebok Zigs to the game - aka my Krypto shoes.
The bobble wasn't bad, gaining kudos from many in the community.
Obligatory panoramic photo taken soon after the gates opened. After I gathered my bobbles I hit the road, fighting southbound traffic home for Anna's birthday dinner. She didn't want pictures taken of that.

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