Monday, August 15, 2016


Left work at six Friday evening, and went home and crashed. Don’t remember supper. W&MC have been up at the Gilbert’s mountain cabin before brother Thomas heads to TCU. L-R Will, Okie, MC, Holly, Thomas, Anna G, Bitsy, & Zack (photo credit Anna G, probably taken by Dr. Tom).
Saturday C left early to help arrange flowers for a church wedding and reception at the Piedmont Driving Club. She and Molly grabbed a late lunch at the OK Café. I just about completely cleaned the kitchen and den, folded clothes, started some laundry, and then cleaned the upstairs. I did a bunch. M had three friends come over. After playing some music they hit some thrift stores in Roswell.
My barber had the day off so I hit the library and Moes instead. Then I drove out to Buford to see the Gwinnett Braves. I was pretty much the first fan to arrive. Hung out with Bobby and met the Maldonado family. Later Johnny arrived, then LJ, the sportswriter, the nurse and her husband, Sandy, the Coach, the Rome teacher, and a guy from work. Five of the nine starters had spent time in the big leagues this season, including Bonafacio, Omar Infante, Tyler Flowers, and Matt Wisler. The Louisville Bats were led by manager Delinio Deshields and former Braves prospect Jose Peraza, he of the .214 batting average.   .
Sunday we attended JFBC. Bryant preached on observing the Sabbath. Afterwards a friend said he had a deacons meeting that afternoon. While church staff members often take off another day to observe the Sabbath, the lay people don’t have that luxury. Literally hundreds enter the service late and leave early – it’s certainly distracting. The worship leader asked who was watching the Olympics, bragging that the USA has a huge lead in the medal count - and said that if you were visiting from another country, well, you better get used to it. I found the comments insensitive and completely out of place. No wonder the place is 99% white American.
After church I got a haircut and the CRV oil changed. Saw Joe Girardeau at the car wash. He said Anita was doing better after being in and out of the hospital. Later C ran errands I took a nap. Watched some Olympics, folded clothes, and played on the computer.    
One of Anna’s best friends (Brittany) is getting married Saturday October 29. We’ve been invited. It’s the same day as the Georgia/Florida game and the Clemson/FSU game, and the Georgia Tech/Duke game. All three games will probably decide who goes to the conference championship games. Brittany’s sister is also getting married in October, so their parents are paying for two weddings in one month. Perhaps that’s why they’re scheduling them on dates with the most conflicts. Maybe I don’t have it so bad.
I meant to read that Curry article but never got around to it.

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