Friday, August 12, 2016

Trends, Phelps, & The Dream

Last time we were at Passion City Church (a few weeks ago) one of the “worship leaders” (the four or five super cool people on stage singing with a microphone) was Blair Cunningham, one of Will’s classmates at Living Science. She had gone on to Georgia Tech. Blair had her blouse untucked, which is not out of the ordinary at PCC (or anywhere). What was different was that she had the front tucked in, so you could see her fancy belt buckle. Then Louie came out to preach, and he had his shirt tucked the same way. Must be the new style (or a style I’m just now catching up to).
 Made me think of the way Wayne Gretzky used to tuck in just a part of his jersey, which before no hockey player ever did before. Then Gretzky created a craze – everyone was tucking their jersey and wearing number 99 (which no one had ever worn before).
I would even tuck in my shirt the same way. Like how Michael Jordan started wearing longer shorts while Bird and Magic and everyone else still wore shorter shorts. Soon the longer shorts became du jour, and John Stockton was the last holdout still wearing the short shorts.
 David Hurt is driving daughter Haley cross country out to her new job in California. They drove through Texas and stopped in Vegas and Yosemite. They’ve been posting interesting pictures along the way.
I’m glad everyone is different. At times people (like me) may struggle with that, but at the end of the day that makes the world work best.
Worked until almost 6:30 Thursday night. Thinking C had tripped to IKEA with W&MC, I took a different route home. Turned out they hadn’t gone. Took me an hour to get home. Dinner was roast beef, small potatoes, grilled squash and carrots, and green beans. A homemade blueberry cobbler and ice cream for dessert. Watched the Olympics and worked on the computer. I was the first to hit the sack, at 10:30.
Today I wore a new L.L.Bean shirt to work. I wore it untucked but wondered if the tail was too long. Thought it looked like a smock people wore when painting, or a shirt Mr. Spock would wear on Star Trek. Then my lunch date arrived the first think he said was how much he liked my shirt. Lunch at Medlock’s Tavern in Norcross, a decent grilled chicken salad.
Rumor: NBC has cast Michael Phelps as the lead in the upcoming remake of Aqua-man. Swimmers and divers in Rio have to overcome not only fierce competition, but also the piranha-infested waters. Michael Phelps brings new meaning to the term “fish out of water” because as good as he is in the pool, he seems to struggle in life out of it. I see where the basketball players have rented a cruise ship to stay in. They’ve been attending various events to cheer on Team USA, as has Bubba Watson and other golfers.
THE DREAM: Had a dream last night that a friend (guess who) had given me five pair of the latest Nike basketball high tops. All were huge, all white with bits of red and black trim. The latest models. One was LeBron’s. All came in elaborate packages. One package looked like a spaceship with an astronaut seat with seatbelts, and a hose that connected to the back of one of the shoes (the left one). Young Elin was there helping me unpackage them, though she wasn’t impressed with the sneakers.
This took place at a party in a huge mansion with lots of dark mahogany wood. Several people I knew were there. One group of friends clung together. All four happened to be wearing navy. Outside the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. A reservoir was separated from the Pacific by a strip of land. In the sky were two planes towing banners, but they were stationary. After the party ended the planes flew away. Above the planes, in outer space and barely visible, was a huge, long air-conditioning vent that extended north, from the south. I asked the owner about it, and he said they wouldn’t let it come in from the west, out over the ocean. He said it was 6.5 miles long. Eventually the vent went away as well.
Before the party I had driven my family (including MC) up a huge hill in Birmingham. It was a place that in my dream I had been before, for work. As we climbed the hill past office buildings I pointed left to a restaurant I had eaten at before. It had a great view, but the view as I remembered it did not relate to the surroundings I was now seeing. In my dream I remembered a previous climb up the hill that the Civic struggled to complete. I thought that odd because this climb was so easy. Then almost to the top it became much harder.
At the top of the hill we turned right, and went to a different, super fancy restaurant. Not sure whose idea this was, but I knew we couldn’t afford it. I was given an expensive baseball glove for a present, an nice glove but not my favorite model. Eventually I announced I would be returning the glove. In my mind I hoped to exchange it for the Shoeless Joe vintage mitt that in real life have my eye on.
Most of the dream related to things going on in my real life – some current and some years old. Funny how that works. Dreamt all this right before waking up – twenty minutes late.  

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