Monday, August 08, 2016


Did not realize ARod was only batting .204. Sounded like he was more interested in collecting the money remaining on his contract than reaching 700 home runs. It would be neat if he could get 700. I agree about this coming from the Yankees. They didn’t want him to hit 700 in pinstripes.
As much as I like Brian McCann, I hope if the Braves trade for him they don’t have to pay the bulk of his huge contract. With aging players like him and Kemp eating up payroll, it will be like the days of Upton, Upton, and Uggla all over again. Friday after work I found a McCann bobblehead, which until then I didn’t have.
Friday I worked past six. C was at Nancy’s, so I stopped by two thrift stores on the way home. When I drove up she was outside with Barney. I took Barney inside while C watered the plants. I took off Barney’s leash and he jumped on the couch to rub his nose, knocking everything onto the floor – including the TV remotes.
I turned on the TV and Hullinger was wrapping up the local Olympics coverage. After several commercials NBC’s coverage came on, but there appeared to be a problem with the sound. Instead of Matt Lauer all we could hear was the stadium announcer in the background. Then at 8 pm the opening ceremonies started and it was in Spanish. I thought it was a problem at NBC because the commercials were in English. No mention of the problem on social media or the internet, so I started playing with remotes. It was after 9 pm before I got it fixed. Thanks Barney!
Just a so so opening ceremony. The parade of nations takes so long, it becomes a bore. It’s the part before and after the parade that I like. As expected, Brazilian basketball legend Oscar Schmidt took part, marching in with the Olympic flag. The ceremony went on until after midnight.
Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs, then cleaned out my car and trunk. Had some errands to run: post office, library, Goodwill, Atlanta Union Mission, picked up a check, Value Village, Wendy’s, RaceTrac, Baskin Robbins, Goodwill, and Mr. Clean for the emissions and a wash. By then W&MC had arrived so I passed on 4 or 5 more errands and went home.
C cooked chicken, pasta, and salad for dinner. W&MC went to a wedding in Roswell while we babysat Okie and Barney, which can be a chore. It’s good for B to have interaction with another dog, and Okie loves to play. Finally I took him outside to run him to tire him out.
Sunday we all went to the 9:45 service in the  JFBC sanctuary. Saw a guy from SPdL I had served with as a deacon. John Adair Sr. was singing in the choir. We sat with MC’s family and took up an entire row. After church I dropped off C and drove to work to get the tag renewal forms I had forgotten. When I walked into the lobby at work the alarm started buzzing. I didn’t know the code, so I called the security guard to identify myself. He said the security company had already been in touch with him. He seemed relieved  to know it wasn’t a break in. I was in and out in just a couple of minutes.
Stopped by RaceTrac, Baskin Robbins, and two thrift stores. Went home and cleaned out the CRV, then took it to Mr. Clean for emissions and a wash. While there I caught up on text messages and emails. Again I skipped more errands and went home to see W&MC.
W cooked burgers and C baked a pie. We ate and watched the Olympics.
This morning Anna was up early for sorority rush. Remember the identical Poythress twins? Pat’s daughter is friends with Anna. They’re in the same sorority and both are leaders in the Methodist ministry. Pat’s son is a freshman living in the dorm Anna was in last year.
Movie scene: while the battle raged all around, deep below the admirals played battleship inside their cabin.
Fun Fact: I keep my blog on Alabama time, in case it’s late and I have yet to make my daily post. Alabama time gives me an extra hour to post.

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