Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trading Trout?

Sports Illustrated just ran a short story wondering if the Angels shouldn't trade Mike Trout. His contract is relatively inexpensive, considering he's performing at a Mickey Mantle-like pace. Can he keep it up without getting hurt or burning out? He's a good kid, but few hold up over the long haul. Chipper did, barely. Albert Pujols' body has slowly deteriorated. He may make 600 homers but probably not much more. ARod, Teixeira, Brian McCann, Ken Griffey Jr – the game took a toll on their bodies. Even Clayton Kershaw is breaking down, so he won't be able to match Greg Maddux' record of excellence over an extended period of time.

Getting Trout will cost a ton of top level prospects. I'm not sure the Braves have enough super elite prospects they'd want to get rid of. Not even Dansby Swanson, Ozzie Albies, and this new slugger they got from Arizona would be enough. There's a better chance the Yankees will get him.

Imagine that – cost overruns on the Falcons Stadium. The only cost overrun at the new Braves stadium is the bridge over 285.

All my bobblehead buddies were at the game Saturday night a week ago to get their replica 1991 worst to first NL Championship rings. I wanted to go, but had to pick up the car. The lady who'd gotten her picture taken with Bill Murray got to see her pal Denny Neagle again. This time Neagle gave her his jersey from the alumni game.

Nice blog post penned by new Brave Matt Kemp. Hope it's sincere. Already hearing talk of his imperfections. How quickly people forget how anyone gained in return for Olivera would be a welcomed improvement, much less a veteran 25 homer a year man. Much cheaper and more productive than Jason Heyward.

Kevin dug out the AJC's story on the Braves alumni John Sullivan imposter caper.

Mark Bradley: Starting for 2018 Braves ... Mike Trout? <http://click.e.ajc.com/?qs=dc97ad4f9ca35402adebc1b28c738a52a84971680053c8f75775c8b0aa3cf893251cd5b452cf163f>


Change order costs mount for Falcons stadium <http://click.e.ajc.com/?qs=dc97ad4f9ca354023a536b4a81eb875ad2ed7dac45a98a397b02665918160a3bca079ba0c640da9b>


Torpy at Large: Strike 3 for Tim Lee <http://click.e.ajc.com/?qs=dc97ad4f9ca354024b66f39248e9b7ce01b3398056f498584b67cfe203d1c061e00797f3ca1fdd41>


Where's Rennie Curran now? <http://click.e.ajc.com/?qs=dc97ad4f9ca35402da99b6bcbd010a0057523c588f025de438c3772adc5cd8f45cf7b8d704de21ff>

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