Thursday, August 11, 2016


See where another Dan Brown / Robert Langdon / Tom Hanks movie is coming out this fall – Inferno? I'll be looking forward to it, though I'll probably wait until it comes to The Picture Show or RedBox. I might have to re-read the book again before I see it. Hopefully they'll make a movie out of The Lost Symbol, set in Washington DC. The Sully movie starring Hanks also looks good.
Cutest puppy video ever:

Have the McCann to the Braves rumors died down? What about Puig? My concern would be with all the money becoming available on December 31 the Braves would tie it all up in older, fading players like Kemp, Puig, and McCann. I know it's near impossible to pluck someone in their prime, like they did Maddux and McGriff so long ago, or more recently Tim Hudson.

ROB: Puig's numbers have gotten worse every year. I hope they don't go down that route.  Your point about the money is a good one.  I think what we will see is them spend it on (fading) veterans, as long as the time frame is short.  I think you should add to that list Martin Prado.  You can pay guy like Kemp, Prado, McCann for a few years before guys like Swanson, Albies, Wisler, etc start to hit their arbitration years.

I think the best use of cash for a MLB team is to spend it either on your own very good players, either once they hit free agency or buying out some arbitration years, or for short term bridge players (Kemp, Prado, McCann).   Trying to buy a very good prime player in free agency is hard and/or risky.

ME: Another injury last night. Goodness.
Will and MC came home this weekend – he has a break from school this week. They went to Asheville, but only for one night. We babysat their energetic puppy, which was a good experience for our Barney. They'd wrestle and bother each other, but seemed to be getting along well after four days together. They had to put MC's grandfather in a nursing home in Alpharetta.
Made hopefully my last trip to the Big Chicken last night. Left work at six and picked up Moe's on the way. On the way home I stopped by Baskin Robbins for a cone and Moe's for M's supper. Instead of the Olympics M and I watched a MTV biopic on the rock group REM.
Will played softball last night down at my old field, Northside Baptist. He called me looking for his glove and shoes to wear. I told him my old Spot-Bilt cleats I used to wear 20 years ago were still in the utility room.
Ceil's friend recently visited. Her husband (a year or two older than me) recently retired, then took on work as a consultant. They built a house in NC on the Albemarle Sound and sold their house in Virginia.

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