Saturday, August 06, 2016

Friday and Saturday

Having W, MC, and Okie capped off the long week on a high note. Left work Friday after 6 pm and stopped by the Goodwill in Norcross, where I immediately spied a decent birthday present: the elusive Brian McCann bobblehead:
Also stopped at the east Roswell Goodwill on Holcomb Bridge and found another present: an official Nike Braves golf shirt - perfect to wear not only at Turner Field but also next year at SunTrust Park. My bobblehead pal Kevin loved it.
At home we watch the Opening Ceremony.
Was kinda freaked out by golfer Rickie Fowler's haircut. I wasn't the only one. Can't believe I'm posting one picture of Michael Phelps on my blog, much less two.
Saturday I cleaned upstairs, then cleaned out my car and trunk, then (1) mailed a package at the post office, (2) stopped by the library to turn in books, (3) shopped Goodwill, (4) and Atlanta Union Mission, (5) picked up a check to get Will's car tag, (6) shopped Value Village, (7) grabbed lunch at Wendy's (8) and a Baskin Robbins chocolate peanut butter birthday cone, (9) swung by the Lassiter Goodwill, and (10) got my emissions tested and car washed at Mr. Clean. Had three more stops planned, but W&MC were headed to the house, so I headed home.

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