Friday, February 02, 2018

Another Complication

Will is in route to Orlando today on the first leg of his Peru trip. Okie did not go with him, but is not stuck in his car.

This and that: I forgot what they called it something like the super blood moon with a partial eclipse. Sounds like a drink I ordered once on the beach. Funny how the moon looks so huge down near the horizon because there are trees nearby. If you measure it's the same size when its high in the sky.

Minus six degrees in Minneapolis today for the Super Bowl. Guess I'd better stay home to watch it. Right now I'm feeling ok but there is some swelling. I feel like I could go to church Sunday but wearing regular pants a day early might set things back. I'll stay in my loose sweatpants. Pulled on shoes this morning and it was a chore – Nike Huaraches that I don't have to tie. Yesterday I wore my rarely-worn Land's End Mules (slip-ons, nicer than Crocs) to and from the hospital. Still got on the yellow hospital socks. The hospital socks works best over regular socks.

Forgot to mention another complication after the surgery yesterday. After going from my recovery bed to the checkout lazboy chair I noticed that I was wheezing. I've wheezed all my life but almost not at all in the past 5-10 years, so I wasn't too alarmed. The nurses checked my breathing and ordered an albuterol treatment, which knocked out 95% of the wheezing.

Stayed up past 11:30 playing on my laptop and watching TV. Ceil had on this teen model search show with lots of catfighting, then I watched Carol Burnett and the Fallon monologue. Couldn't sleep, not from the pain but perhaps from all the Diet Cokes and albuterol.
Ceil fixed me breakfast in bed: eggy-boy sandwich, cut up grapefruit, and my usual strawberry lemonade.
LeBron is rocking sneakers looking like the original Nike waffle running shoes. Like.

Zane and Laura's wedding might get drowned out by the roar of jet engines...
And an interesting T-shirt (that Matthew was familiar with). 

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