Wednesday, February 07, 2018

In the Land Down Under

Will in Peru.
I sent Anna's letter to the wrong address.
I'm hoping I'm not coming down with something. Joints are just a little bit achy. Same with throat. Slight cough ever since surgery, I thought due to having a tube down my throat. Trying to take it easy. Taking lots of vitamins and drinking lots of fluids.

Worked until 6:15 Tuesday night. Made good time going home but it was still after seven. Leftover shepherd's pie and a fresh tossed salad. Not sure why anyone would want shepherd's pie when there are so many other good dishes to eat. 
Watched some of the Hawks/Grizz. 
The Hawks alternate city uniforms looked better in real life than in the previously released photos. 
Also watched The Middle and Gilmore Girls. Not sure what we're gonna do when we run out of Gilmore Girls episodes. By then it will be baseball season.

Hot Stove Meeting tonight in Cumming.

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