Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Biblical Proportions

Busy Monday. On the go all day. Email after email. Retirement lunch #2 for Sandra, with my old department. Didn’t get to give my speech. Worked until 6:30. Ceil cooked Stir Fry. Saw parts of several shows: The Voice, Good Girls, Jerry Rice, one episode of Gilmore Girls, and a new show: “A Year of Living Biblicaly.”

I had read an article on the new show “A Year of Living Biblicaly” and tuned in for a few minutes. Based on the book by the same name, the TV producers supposedly consulted a priest and a rabbi to make sure the show would be accurate and in good taste. Said they wanted to appeal to Christian viewers, which has become an untapped market these days in Hollywood. They brought in Christian audiences for several of the tapings, and they were more boisterous than the regular audiences. Watching the show I heard loud laughter, but it sounded like the audience would laugh at anything. Not very discerning.

As usual on social media there was a huge debate among Christians, mad because Protestant clergy was not consulted. So many Christians have no idea how that turn off nonbelievers by being so picky and negative about so many things, instead of responding in love and keeping their discussions and arguments private. At least Hollywood was reaching out to the Christian market. Can Christians not respond in love? I know we’ve discussed this before.

The show followed the premise of the book, with the main character trying to follow the letter of the law in every aspect of his life. Unfortunately the show and book misses the point of the New Testament, that with Jesus much of the Old Law has been replaced with a much simpler code: love God and love others, and only through accepting Christ as Savior can a person receive a right standing with God and eternal life with Him.

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Movies: I remember Kramer vs Kramer but have never seen it. While Meryl Streep is a great actor she like many others these days has an overstated sense of importance. Fine for her to state her opinion, but the way she’s been behaving makes me want to avoid her movies. But if you stop watching movies and shows and sports that featured people with whom you disagreed about politics or religion, you couldn’t watch anything.

Ever see Tootsie? Dustin Hoffman, Dabney Coleman, Teri Garr, Bill Murray, Jessica Lange. Great movie with an unexpected ending. In 2016 I made a list of movies I’ve liked over the years:  http://sacrificefly.blogspot.com/2016/11/movies-i-like.html

In Gilmore Girls the other night Christopher took Lorelai out in the country to watch the old movie “Funny Face” projected onto the side of a barn, and they watched it drive in style in his classic red Mustang convertible. http://ride-ct.com/scott-patterson-talks-riding-gilmore-girls/ 

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