Monday, February 05, 2018

Super Sunday

Saturday I batched it all day. C went to Athens for Anna's sorority mother daughter event: lunch and the UGA/Mizzou gymnastics meet. Before she left Ceil brought me breakfast in bed: an eggy-boy sandwich on toasted wheat. Later I made chicken quesadillias. Watched three movies plus some of The Intern.

Ate leftover spaghetti sauce for supper. Watched some of the Phoenix Open and the NFL Honors red carpet and awards show. By the end of the evening I had an upset stomach. Didn't feel good at all. Still a little sick Sunday morning. The doctor had said to stay away from spicy foods for the first 24 hours. Guess I should've waited longer.

Pretty much stayed in bed until 2:30 Sunday. I did spend time on my phone deleting emails and working on eBay posts. Took my first shower since Thursday morning, but stuck to the same sweatpants I'd worn for four days. Turned on the pregame show. I love NBC's pregame personnel: Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, James Harrison, Al Michaels, and Chris Collinsworth. Bob Costas must already be at the Olympics. Also watched some golf. Ceil cooked some fantastic quesadillas.

Philly would have to play perfect to win - even though their defense is much better than New England's. The offenses and special teams are equal, though Brady and Belichick give the Pats an edge. The Eagles missed an extra point, but the Pats had kicking problems as well. The tipped interception down near the goal line, snuffing a Philly drive, could be the difference in the game (it wasn't).

First half: more passes to QB's than punts. Who knew the battle would be between the quarterback's pass-catching performances? 

Then a really big halftime show from Justin Timberlake, and his new friend.
I wonder if Brady is wearing his hair just a little longer this year now that he's turned 40, just so he'll look younger.

The Eagles caught a break on the touchdown catch by the running back, which could've easily been called out of bounds. Kinda surprised the Philly defense gave up 26 points in three quarters.
In the fourth quarter the Pats had a big stop, holding Philly to a 42 yard field goal to make the score 32-26. Pats answer with a TD. Another big fourth down gamble by Philly keys the long go-ahead touchdown drive. Ball game.
Best commercials: Jeff Goldblum in the Jeep "Would you like to take it for a test drive?" "I just did." Then the Kia "Dream On" ad with Steven Tyler. And the Eli Manning / Odel Beckham Dirty Dancing commercial.

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