Monday, April 01, 2019

April Bobbleheads

Back for another year: my wonderfully imperfect monthly list of bobblehead and other interesting SGA's. Do you guys like these things? Of course my list is far from complete. Let me know who I've left off. My goal is to add all the major league teams and at least the minor league teams in the Southeast.

News: this year the Gwinnett Stripers have a mystery giveaway at every Monday home game, which are noted on my list. First 500 fans. Albert Sender doesn't think they're bobbleheads, but you never know.

As usual, the Cardinals seem to have a giveaway for every game this year, though many require special tickets. Caps, hoodies, jerseys, pullovers, tees, stocking hats. You know they have a lot of promotions when they give away a double bobble of the Spanish radio broadcast team. You can do that when you're selling 99% of your tickets. Hard to list them all but I'll list the bobbleheads and other favorites.

As a bobblehead collector I give thanks for the hundreds of bobbles that are given away for free every baseball season. This year more spring training bobbles were given away than ever before. It is easy to forget that minor league teams in particular struggle to balance the books every year, and bobblehead giveaways are loss leaders in an effort to draw casual fans to the park – with the hopes of increased concession sales and return visits. As much as we'd all like to think the teams give away bobbleheads for the pleasure of us collectors (or don't give away more unique bobbles in an effort to "get" collectors), it's just not true.

Another pet peeve of mine: no one NEEDS a bobblehead. People NEED food and water and air, and a little love is good too. A cool bobblehead might be something I might WANT. So there. Do you agree? Not that anyone ever reads my usually wonderfully creative, thoughtful, and witty preambles filled with Oxford commas.

North Carolina bobble king Matt Campbell had an important reminder: any Syracuse SGA, or with Syracuse as the opponent, will mean fighting a swarm of early-arriving Tim Tebow fans (he was the second-greatest player in college football history). You've been doubly warned.

April's bobblehead of the month: the Braves' Phil the Bucket bobblehead on Sunday the 14th. A kid's only giveaway, but Phil is the coolest of the four Home Depot Tool Race participants. Follow him on Twitter.

I know, you're thinking, just give me the April list. Here you go! 

4.03 WED ATL Acuna ROY coin (special ticket)
4.05 FRI Angels Mike Trout silver slugger (top)
4.05 FRI Wizards John Wall
4.05 FRI Lancaster Jethawks Sugar Skull 1000
4.06 SAT Gwinnett Bobby Cox HOF jersey 2500 pic
4.06 SAT SF Evan Longoria BH 30000
4.06 SAT 66ers Cucuys
4.06 SAT STL Ozzie, Whitey, or Sutter car BH 30000
4.06 SAT San Jose Sharks GOT BH
4.06 SAT NYM Todd Frazier WWE BH 25000
4.07 SUN NYM Jacob deGrom Cy Young BH 25000
4.07 SUN Celtics BH
4.07 SUN Myrtle Beach Ed Piotrowski
4.08 MON Gwinnett mystery giveaway 500
4.09 TUE Clippers CF Michael Brantley 1000
4.12 FRI NYY Bernie Williams
4.12 FRI ATL Chipper GOT t-shirt special ticket
4.12 FRI Nats Juan Solo ROY runnerup BH
4.12 FRI Quakes championship jerseys
4.12 FRI Syracuse Crunch Andrei Vasilevskiy BH
4.13 SAT Cubs Star Wars blanket 10000
4.14 SUN Cubs Wrigley Field replica 10000
4.14 SUN ATL kids Phil the Bucket 5000
4.14 SUN KC ice dragon GOT BH
4.15 MON Gwinnett mystery giveaway 500
4.16 Tue ATL Freddie Firebomb t-shirt special ticket
4.18 THU Nashville t-shirts 2000
4.19 FRI Lakewood GOT BH
4.19 FRI Quakes Walker Buehler's Day Off BH
4.20 SAT Lehigh Valley The Office Stanley Hudson
4.20 SAT STL embroidered jerseys 30000
4.21 SUN Padres Easter Eggs (kids)
4.23 TUE Clippers 2B Jose Ramirez 1000
4.23 TUE STL Fernando Tatis BH special ticket
4.23 TUE Cubs GOT BH
4.26 FRI ATL Ronald Acuna 15000
4.26 FRI Rome Touki Toussaint 1000
4.26 FRI Trenton Miguel Andujar 15004.27 SAT NYM Syndergaard GOT BH
4.27 SAT ATL baseball bat wine mug special ticket

4.27 SAT SF Willie Mays BH 35000
4.27 SAT SEA Mitch Haniger 5 Tool BH pic

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