Friday, April 05, 2019


Watch the Braves? Nice sweep of the Cubs. We watched the beginning of the game, then C wanted to watch the beginning of Wednesday night’s Chicago Med, which she had missed. We watched the whole thing. Near the end I received a notification on my watch that Max Fried had a perfect game through five innings, which was great considering the wet rainy conditions.
The Braves struck for five runs in the bottom of the fifth. Markakis’ bases-loaded double cleared the bases. Third base coach Ron Washington tried to hold Acuna at third, but the kid was running so hard he couldn’t stop in the wet grass. Acuna was safe by a mile. Later McCann’s sac fly plated Markakis. 

Fried had an excellent start, and out at Gwinnett’s home opener Folty pitched just as well. The Braves have a three game winning streak with the woeful Marlins coming to town. Third-baseman Donaldson had a few nice picks by the hot corner. The Cubs continued to display sloppy fielding.  Speaking of walks, the Braves offense is leading the league in walks per game. 

The New York Jets unveiled new uniforms last night: plain green. No creativity and much worse than the classic Namath-era unis they replaced. Why does every team have to wear black? At least the facemasks aren’t white.

From our old Sunday School director: “Thank y'all for your prayers for our son, Mason, who took a fastball to his eye.  We are blown away. The prayers worked!  His eye needs to rest a bit longer, but he’s cleared to play with NO surgery! His spirits are good.  Just gotta get back up on the horse that kicked ya. His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, and even skeptics are calling it a miracle.  We pray that God gets the glory, not Mason, not us.  UGA Sports just wrote this article and titled it “Meadows Miracle.”

There’s been a bunch of important stuff to post this week. So much that I’ve had to edit and hold subjects back until the next day or longer. Tried to group like subjects together, like most of the sports stuff on the E7 post and more serious stuff on the Eulogy post. I know my loyal readers love all the great content. Some I typed up just for the blog, since my regular email buddies weren’t interested but I wanted to save it for prosperity. Often I will type something up just to better understand it in my own mind, or so I can best tell a story out loud. Here’s what’s left over.
We have to take these short on-line courses at work. This time it was “creating strong passwords.” Once you complete the course you have the option of printing out a certificate of completion. I never print it out because (a) I have enough junk filed away already and (b) even if someone says you need to take the course and I show them my certificate as proof that I did, the time I’d spend looking for the certificate and unsuccessfully arguing that I’d already taken the ten minute course would take longer than simply taking the course again.
The completion certificate is like a participation trophy. One may receive a modicum of satisfaction from printing it out, like my coworker did. When we teased him about it he admitted it would just be one more thing he’d have to throw away in a couple of years, and that he had no idea where his previous completion certificates were. Made me want to post mine on social media:
“Proud to announce I have completed the requirements of the “Creating Safe passwords” course. Looking forward to tonight’s celebratory dines at Bone’s Steakhouse, and graduation party afterward at the Capitol City Club with cake, ice cream, a participation trophy, and bouncy house. These tests need to give you the option to purchase a neighborhood banner, global warming be damned. Just wish I could remember all my passwords.”     
Was thinking about printing off 20 copies of my completion certificate and using them to wallpaper the wall next to my desk. Guess that would be overkill.
The Holcomb Bridge Wendy’s east of GA 400 is the one I often frequent as well on the way home from work. Better service than the Wendy’s at Spaulding and Peachtree Parkway in Peachtree Corners.  
Ceil hasn’t made meatloaf in a long time. She usually makes it with mashed potatoes and English peas. She’s been on a healthier kick lately, but I bet she’d make it again because she likes the peas and mashed potatoes so much.
Wednesday I worked until almost 6:30. Still have stuff I need to get done. All day long it was one emergency after another so I wasn’t able to get any of the real work done. Stopped by Goodwill to drop off some items, then drove on home. Crashed on the couch. Watched some Braves, then C arrived from her small group and we watched a good episode of Chicago Med. Then the rest of the Braves game. I like watching home games on TV better than road games. The excitement level is higher. Went to bed with one out in the top of the ninth.
Thursday: left work at 5:30. Got home by 6:20. Not used to getting home so early. Need to be more productive at night. Ceil had eaten lunch with MC. She and Will are headed to Augusta for the weekend. You’ll be jealous: they’re attending the Women’s Amateur at the Augusta National.  
M cooked supper: spicy chicken, white rice, and grated carrot lettuce wraps.  
Lunch meeting catered with Jason’s Deli sandwiches, salad, pickles, cookies, and special chocolate cake from Publix. Had a record month so four bigwigs ate with our six person team.

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