Sunday, April 07, 2019

Assisted Living Facility

Saturday morning I met my brother in downtown Suwanee to attend an open house at a recently-opened assisted living facility.
The lobby has a wide-screen TV, sitting area, and a coffee bar.
Also a faux fireplace. Swimming pool outside.
A fitness room, treatment rooms, hair salon, and more.
Three meals a day in the dining room.
 Several sitting areas to read the newspaper (provided).
 The movie room.
Rooms have one or two bedrooms, a sitting area, and a small kitchen with a fridge, cabinets, and microwave. And a bathroom.
The was the first open house the place has had.
A local swing band played, with a lady singing. 
 Jugglers on stilts.
Three food trucks, with complimentary food.
I got a Philly cheese with fries. Frank got chicken.
We skipped the ice cream.
Depending on size of room and how much care is required,
rooms can cost $7,000.00 per month or more.
When compared to in-home care, the price is actually not bad.
Of course, there are more reasonable-priced, less luxurious places as well. 

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