Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bellwood Baby

Saturday Ceil just HAD to drive the 18 miles to get Bellwood Coffee, so I took her. In these days of closed dining rooms, Bellwood is operating an open window. hard to see, but that's owner Joel Norman wearing the cap in back. Business was constant.
David and Beth Norman were hanging out with their baby girl,
who is still fresh. Note with Bellwood onesie. 
After Bellwood we rode down to see W&MC and Anna.
MC gave us a present, a small clay rendering of our family.
 The back is just as cute.
 The rendering is based on our Christmas card photo.
Comparing Gurley's first four pro seasons to Herschel's.

07494 1438 70 TG
10246 1772 73 HW
Below: Anna's company is making masks for hospitals.
RIP Kenny Rogers
The two squared off during Kenny Rogers Classic Weekend, which aired on TV.
I'm liking this uniform.

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