Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I doubt the Braves will have a huge amount of All-Stars, as it never turns out that way. There’s always a last-place team that needs a spot. Prado deserves a spot, and we’ll see if McCann is named. We’ll be lucky to get one pitcher, maybe Hudson. Doubt Wagner will make it.

Toughest will be the first baseman choice. Pujols gets voted in. Has Ryan Howard had an all-star year? He’d be hard to leave off. Do the Brewers have any candidates other than Prince Felder? Is the leading outfielder a Brewer? I’ll check tonight, and compare their stats to Glaus’, but the other factors will decide the first basemen.

Will went to Tuesday night’s Clemson/Oklahoma game, and sat in left field. Even after more rain, the Rays played a doubleheader this afternoon before departing for Georgia. Four games in Nebraska…I don’t want to calculate the cost per game.

He texted me…the first game was “forgettable.” Will was brought in to pitch with the winning run on third, and no out. He said the umps blew the second game in extra innings. He went 1-3 with 3 RBIs.

I see where Costas has jumped on the Strasburg HOF bandwagon: “he could be an all-time great.” It’s good for his win total to start so young, but he’s got a long way to go. Should he be an All-Star?

Will it be Fredi or TP?

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