Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Weekend

Had a good time Friday night at Oglethorpe, watching the musical version of “Taming of the Screw”. Stayed out until midnight, though the evening flew by. On the way home I listened to the Braves postgame on the radio.

Woke up early Saturday, so I got out of bed, went downstairs, and made sure Will’s uniform was washed. Spent two hours cleaning out the laundry room and cars. Took Will to his game, then ran in the heat before the game. After the game we hit QT for drinks. Took him to the Perimeter Taco Mac so he could watch the World Cup with Alyssa, Kara, DJ, and David Norman. I hit several Sandy Springs stores and ChickFilA. Back home I took a nap, then C, M, and I went to Zaxby’s and The Avenue. Stayed in the car at Publix to listen to the Braves.

After church Sunday Will had a 12:30 game, again in the heat. Then I watched the Braves and folded clothes while Ceil went to IKEA. Washed the van, played Wii golf with Will, and watched the Finals.

Liked what Phil Jackson said during a fourth quarter timeout, that the Celtics were the NBA’s worst 4th quarter team, “and they’re proving it right now.” Didn’t work, though they cut into the lead.

I’ve got to renew my driver’s license and get emissions and tags done by early August.

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