Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Grab Bag

Friday was Matthew’s last day of acting camp. Said he had a big role in the play they’d been practicing. Early in the week he and friend Daniel choreographed and performed a dance routine. Now he laments that “everyone is copying us.” We went swimming again Thursday night.

Only made it to the last half inning of Will’s Thursday game, at Pope. They beat a Knoxville team 8-1. Will made several plays at third, including starting a double play. Using a wood bat, he went 0-3 (strikeout, 5-3, and F2). Seemed down about his hitting after the game. He didn’t play the last two innings, so he went down to the cage and hit.

I haven’t run the stats, but he’s got to be among the team leaders in OBP. Tuesday and again yesterday Will batted second. Seems like whomever they bat second struggles: first Richie, then Parker, now Will. Parker may just be out of town this week.

This week’s tourney admission is $10 a game, or $30 for the weekend. Ceil was astounded, and felt like Robin Hood sneaking in the back way. Game this morning at Walton, then a teammate’s pool party. Anna has one as well. Tonight C & I are going to a Shakespeare play at Oglethorpe.

While the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers unis are generally ranked near the top, many consider the Braves to have a classic uni as well. A couple of years ago I was getting tired of the tomahawk, but this year I’m really liking it. Heyward wears it well…there are so many pictures of him. Every time he bats I’m amazed about how skinny he is, standing sideways. Didn’t see the collision with McLouth.

Thursday night I noticed the Dale Murphy picture posted on Rowland’s Office…in the royal feather uni. Not many Braves wore the feather, the red pinstriped Messersmith uni, the early 80’s powder blues, AND the tomahawk, like Murphy did. Wish the Braves would wear striped socks. Zito is wearing some this year.

Tuesday I finally read some OLD magazine articles I had been carrying around, for years. A June 1988 Sport article on Roy Campanella, by Ron Fimrite. A 1989 Ralph Wiley SI article on Andy Van Slyke. The same issue had an article on baseball unis, just two years after the Braves brought the tomahawk back. In it Tommy John said the old Milwaukee Braves unis were the best all time.

I always forget about the DBacks first unis. They didn’t wear them so loose back then. Should the championship uni be kept, since it was special? If they were my team I might feel stronger about it. I do like the shade of red they wear. When they changed, it got a big write-up in UniWatch, of course.

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