Monday, June 21, 2010


Saturday Will got his haircut, spent a little time with friends, and make some trip money cutting grass before leaving for Nebraska. They didn’t do too much there yesterday due to the rain, and today’s 8:30 am game was pushed back to 1 pm CDT.

I missed seeing a bunch of people at the Ewing wedding, that C and A went to. For a wedding present, Margaret surprised the groom with a Corvette. I was sneezing both Saturday and Sunday, so it was just as well. Anna and Matthew cooked me breakfast in bed…eggs (A) and toaster waffles (M). Later C and A made peach cobbler while Matthew and I went swimming.

Saw chunks of the Braves all weekend. Would’ve been nice to see the Cy Young winner Friday night, but I turned down tickets. I was excited to see Hinske get a Sunday start, but he seems to hit better in the clutch. They’re getting more highlights shown on ESPN these days. I’m sure NBC enjoyed airing most of the US Open in prime time.

On 790 Sunday morning, Kincaid’s fill-in was discussing whether Strasburg should be an all-star. The thinking is still who is most deserving, and about getting everyone in the game, rather than playing the best players the whole game and going for the win. Perhaps he should make the team, if the NL wants to win. In the old days guys like Aaron and Mays would play nine innings. Most of the backups probably never got in the game. I’ve started following the polling, to see if Heyward will get voted in.

Still hectic here at work. Friday I stayed til 6:30 trying to catch up, and will probably do so again tonight. Will take Ceil to Relish tomorrow, while A and M go to youth group.

Found a nice Joe Namath throwback at Goodwill, for four bucks. A classic, though big.

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