Thursday, June 17, 2010

Turner Tuesday

Got to Turner Field right at 5 pm Tuesday and started watching BP, while it thundered and lightning-ed all around. The rain started, and BP was cancelled around 5:15. M and I walked all the way around the stadium. Saw two old friends: John Parkes and John Pierce (who writes for a Macon-based Baptist group…he knows Becky Matheny). Matthew won a free haircut by answering who was the Twins first baseman who pushed Ron Gant off the bag.

Every time I go to a Braves game, I see the same retarded fellow, with a bushy beard and huge grin. He had his smiling face pressed against the window, watching Lemke, Leo, Buck, and Kincaid do the radio show. Lemke was messing with the guy, making like he was going to get him thrown out of the park. Funny, and nice.

Later the tarp was pulled to the outfield, and the infield groomed. The anthem was played and lineups announced…then the tarp was pulled back, even though it wasn’t raining. In the upper deck, Will caught a T shirt shot from the launcher thing. During the delay they showed the Yanks/Phils, and both the Braves and Rays fans cheered for the Yankees.

Two busloads came from Nashville, and 90% of the riders wore blue #14 David Price T-shirts. Somehow we passed the time during the delay. Anna figured out her best friend Molly was at the game, so they visited for a while. Two of Will & Joel’s classmates appeared out of no-where, Woodard and Katelyn.

Lately Matthew has only been wearing “cool” t-shirts and skinny jeans, but he was a sight in his almost too small Chipper jersey, long shorts, and adidas Sambas. For several years A and M shunned going to Braves games, but now that they’re older, it’s become an event again.

Once the game finally started, Joel and Matthew started dancing between an inning, and they immediately appeared on the Jumbotron. It was nice watching Price and Longoria. Eventually we went downstairs and sat near Katelyn’s college group, which was interesting.

I’d promised Matthew we’d stop by the Varsity, so we left after the 5th inning…11:15. I didn’t realize the V closed at eleven on weeknights, so it was Taco Bell instead.

Tonight Ceil and Mary Hurt are helping arrange flowers for Margaret Ewing’s wedding. Friday they’re attending the bridesmaid’s luncheon. Anna and Ceil are going to the small wedding Saturday evening.

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