Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We really didn’t do much this weekend. Friday evening after spaghetti and meatballs, C took A to a friend’s. Will tagged along. A went with that family to NC until Wed or Thursday. M and I hung out at home.

Sat I woke up and cleaned the upstairs. Will spent the day cleaning the neighbor’s overgrown backyard. I drove C and M to Decatur . Dropped Ceil off at the sewing shop. M ate Chickfila, I had Checkers. We walked around N Dekalb Mall, looking for at wood bats at Play It Again Sports, for Will. Picked up Ceil, then cruised downtown Decatur , looking at the crowded Arts Festival. Hit the Dekalb Farmers Market, where M ate a few wings. Later M and I went to Target for a webcam.

Watched several episodes of Andy Griffith, then Barkley compared Kenny Smith’s suit to Matlock/Andy.

No Sunday School, so Matthew rode home with me, while Will helped Ceil in preschool. I drove M crazy with all the errands I ran on the way home…Dicks and Sports Authority looking for bats, Goodwill, Moes (he liked that), BP for gas, Kroger, and then I got a haircut. Folded clothes while watching the Braves. Swam with M until the rain hit. That night C cooked brisket, ribs, and peach cobbler, which M devoured.

Cleaned again Monday morning, then went to a cookout. Will’s games were cancelled, but he had indoor BP.

As expected, Ceil is wavering about going to Nashville this weekend. There is a shower for Jim Voyles’ daughter.

Excited to have friended three old Macon stalwarts on Facebook this weekend…

…my old offensive coordinator, who writes quite effectively for a 64 year-old football coach,

…my dad’s ex-pastor friend who I’ve known for years, who recently wrote a book,

…the long-time sports columnist for the Macon newspaper, who probably knows my dad.

KK pitched well Sunday. Missed the 8th inning heroics of Chipper, McCann, and Heyward. Listening to a syndicated radio show yesterday, a caller opined that Heyward could compete for MVP. I hear they signed a Cuban OF buddy of Escobar’s, and sending him to Gwinnett. Chipper seemed to have come around, and his OBP is over 400. Think he’ll retire?

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