Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Matthew: Shoe Hound

Before the youth group pool party last night Matthew decided he needed a pair of flip flops.

He went into the attic and searched through a box of shoes, and emerged with a pair of white leather adidas shell-toe basketball sneakers, low-cut with black stripes.

Here’s his current collection:

1. adidas Sambas: the popular indoor soccer shoes, black with white stripes.

2. Chuck Taylor low-cuts, black: they’re quickly becoming too small.

3. Chuck Taylor high-tops, black: Since the low-tops are getting too small.

4. adidas shell-toes: From Goodwill, like 1, 2, 3, and 7.

5. Toms: Those simple cloth shoes so popular with the kids these days…

…he’s been letting Anna wear them as well.

6. Sperry Topsiders: also popular with the kids.

7. Crocs: Once the only shoe we’d wear, now he only wears them to the pool.

8. Flip Flops: Of course, Ceil went out and got him some today. He wanted them, didn't he?

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