Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ranking The East Cobb Baseball 16U Teams

Will’s team is about 4th best among the 16U group:

1. Astros…beat Rays 13-1. 27 players from all over the country.

2. Titans…Rays beat them 3-2 in 10 innings, but it wasn’t a top pitcher.

3. Rangers…had beaten the Rays twice, both close games. They recruited Will.

4. Rays…the best team Will has ever played on.

5. Brewers…haven’t played the Rays yet. Several of Will’s teammates from last year play on the Rangers (later in the season the Brewers twice edged the Rays).

6. Patriots…Rays are 2-0 against the Patriots.

7. Diamondbacks…Rays are 1-0 against the DBacks.

8. Saints…Rays are 2-0 against the Saints, and also beat the 18U Saints.

With at least 130 kids of just about every age from 8 to 18 playing, just because you’re on an East Cobb Baseball team doesn’t necessarily mean much. That’s over 1,000 players. If you’re not on one of the top two teams, iy's basically just another travel team. I'm told none of the Ranger’s players know each other, that they drive long distances to play at East Cobb.

In Nashville, all the other teams were geared up to play (and beat) East Cobb teams.

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