Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nashville Weekend

Got the van all packed up and was all ready to leave on time Friday morning, then M went crazy. He was hitting on W and A, already upset that C had lost his iTouch (several weeks ago, but he wanted it for this trip). C got upset and said they would all stay home. I had to get Will to his game, so I quickly loaded what we needed in my car and left.

By the time we hit Chattanooga C had calmed down. She had really been looking forward to the family trip, as had I, so I told her to get in the van and come, since she was all packed. She made good time and arrived early in the 3 pm EST game. Friday night they played at Lipscomb University stadium, and it was too late to eat anywhere except Jack In The Box…the group that ate Mexican had a bad experience.

With no game Saturday til seven, we explored Nashville . Went to Vanderbilt and explored an old row of shops similar to Virginia Highlands . At lunch near campus at San Antonio Taco Company. Next to the campus was the huge Centennial Park and the replica Parthenon, which Matthew wanted to see. Then we went downtown, to the avenue of country music shops, bars, Ryman Auditorium,etc. M got a guitar pick holder. Went back to the hotel so M could swim. Anna finished a James Patterson book Friday, and started another one Saturday.

After the Sat 7 pm game a big group ate at Pie In The Sky Pizza, which was good. Eight players shared a huge twelve topping pizza. As usual, M had a big time hanging out with all the older kids.

C departed late Sunday morning for home, stopping for a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After some rain at noon, the clouds disappeared. With a 5 pm game, some of the group saw Robin Hood, which they didn’t like. A larger group decided to go to the Adventure Science Museum/Planetarium, which turned out to be for elementary school kids. After the game Will and I left Nashville at 8 pm EST, didn’t stop, and got home by 11:45.

I had thought the Lakers would run away with this, but perhaps the Celtics will put up a fight. Will and heard most of it last night while driving back from Nashville .

I don’t see me being a big texter…we’ll see. I do know several dads to keep in touch with their teens by texting, moms too. We have a vendor who communicates best by text, so that might help. Will, of course, texts all the time. He drove part of the way to Nashville , so I spent some time orienting myself with the phone. Updated my Facebook status a couple of times. Took a few pictures…now I have to learn how to do something with them.

Heard that Andy was preaching at his dad’s church on Sunday.

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