Wednesday, June 02, 2010

May 27 Game

Will had a sweet double over the LF’s head, that one-hopped off the fence. He also walked and was hit, on a soft curve that didn’t break. 3-3 on base. They lost 9-4 to the tough Rangers, though the Rays tried out another new pitcher, who gave up 6 runs in his one inning. Will got lots of action in left field that inning and did ok, though he still has a little to learn about being an outfielder.

He caught half the game, and had a tough time blocking all of Ryan T’s pitches that bounced in front of the plate.

Just as I said yesterday, there was more justified tinkering with the batting order based on performance. Richie’s hot/cold hitting (too many strikeouts) moved him from 2 to 7. Parker has been hot at the plate and in the field, and was moved up to second. He did make an error playing second.

Didn’t get home until after 8:30, but Matthew and I still went for a quick swim. Exciting Laker win, though I was pulling for the Suns.

Claire is going to ask Anna to help out some with the twins this summer, which will be great. She’ll enjoy it a lot.

Hudson...on the radio the last few batters he pitched to before the rain delay were brutal, rain and mud-wise.

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