Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blind As The Proverbial Bat

Rough day last Thursday…I left my glasses at home.

M is at an acting “camp” this week. Anna might take an art class. She returned from NC after five days.

Will’s team beat the elite East Cobb Titans 3-2 in ten innings last Tuesday. He came on to pitch the 10th after they went ahead in the top of the inning. Will also closed the earlier game. I stayed up late and wrote a recap, that I’ll send separately.

Will went to yesterday’s Braves game with the pack of older girls who’ve been coming to his games. His game was rained out last night, so they played at 10:30 this morning, and won.

Will said he talked Ceil back into going to Nashville tomorrow. He really wants to go see Tampa play the Braves.

Got another new phone, this one a little more modern, but not much. I was just getting used to the one I got in late February.

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