Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Booby Retires, Fredi Takes Over

Nice tributes to Bobby, starting immediately after the game. Cody Ross, Bruce Bochy, Verducci, Stockton, and Brenly. Later the TBS guys gave consider time to Cox, more so than about the Giants winning. Even most of the Rowlands posts have been nice. Still a few jerks on Buck & Kincaid.

Glad Fredi gets the job. Pendleton takes Hubbard’s place at first base. He left before the Cox press conference, carrying some personal possessions. Snitker and Roger attended, and will likely stay. Perhaps they’ll promote that batting coach that helped McLouth so much. Mark Bradley opined he’d rather have an outsider like Jose Oquendo, just to be different. Bradley did have a nice story on Conrad’s contributions.

Though many of the Rangers are familiar to me, the Rays are more likeable to me. Can the Phillies be stopped? Perhaps in the Series.

After hearing a Hewitt on the radio, and reading about him in the AJC, I know that everything that comes out of his mouth is said with an eye on covering his back. I think he’s more concerning with himself than to use a comment like that to inspire a team to greater things.

I’m sure ultra-competent GT AD “DRad” is not fooled, and is doing everything possible to produce the best possible GT basketball outcome…with or without Hewitt.

Will’s game was rained out last night. So I didn’t go to the library.

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