Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long Live Melky

On 680 Wednesday AM Laurentino was complaining about Giraldi going against the book, putting that run on base by walking the clutch hitting David Murphy to get to the light-hitting catcher Molina. Mazzone came on and said sometimes you gotta go with your hunch.

But everyone blasted Cox for sticking to his book, all the lefty / righty matchups and such. Fredi could very well take the Braves to another level, but the players have to perform.

Dumping Melky was met with overwhelming approval, both on and the Rowland’s Office blog that I read. Saito did ok when he wasn’t hurt, but with Venters/Dunn/Kimbral/Moylan around, that’s more salary space to find an outfielder.

Long day Tuesday. Will’s alarm went off at 3:45. I drove him up to Living Science for his 5 am departure. Got to work at six, after stopping at McDonalds & BP.

At one I drove to JFBC for Abby’s dad Mack’s funeral. Over 300 crammed into the JFBC chapel for the simple service. The minister and a “nationally known apologetics speaker” were quite plain. I don’t think the teen soloist was a close friend of the family, but I could be wrong. She didn’t look thrilled to be there…her mother may have volunteered her.

But then a friend of Mack’s delivered a meaningful, personal, humorous, and spiritual tribute, speaking directly to each family member. Wonderful message. Mack’s Sunday School teacher had been basketball wizard Connor’s dad.

Made it back to work by 3:30, and worked til 6:30. Lots to do before I join Will next week, both at work and at home. Last night I couldn’t get off the couch to go to bed, watching both the ALCS and the GT replay.

Saw the plans for the new GT arena. Looked like they kept the dome, but perhaps it’s a new one. Interesting that seating is decreasing.

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