Monday, October 25, 2010


Really busy getting ready for vacation the rest of the week.

Went to see The Odyssey Friday night, put on by Georgia Shakespeare at Oglethorpe. Afterwards I got in the car and turned on the radio, and heard the final out of the ALCS.

Did not have a good time Saturday at the Clemson game. Football is so emotional, and I’m so analytical. Made a list in my heard of reasons, perhaps I’ll write them down.

High point: Went into an art supply store in downtown Clemson before the game. Lots of stores sell T-shirts and such, and this one and various fan items as well. In the back of the store they had authentic Clemson helmets, a different one for every time they changed the helmet…over 20 in all. You could buy them for around $350.00 each. They might’ve bought them from

Stayed home and watched yesterday. Cleaned up all day. About 9:30 last night my back was about ready to give out.

Van in shop today, which isn’t good.

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