Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday Thoughts on Lincecum's Gem

Watched the Thursday game to the end. Quick game. Lincecum had great stuff, and the Braves were chasing balls out of the strike zone. Conrad is a tough cookie and will want to stay out there, but if he makes another error we might see Diory. At least both official errors did not lead to runs.

I think Diaz and Ankiel are better choices than Melky and McLouth. Ankiel can’t hit, but he hustles, doesn’t make dumb plays as much, and is the best fielder. Hard to hit with Lincecum is on his game, while missing three All Stars. Don’t know if the Phillies or Yankees could’ve done much better.

Lowe is slated to pitch Monday on three day’s rest. Hudson was pulled in the sixth after throwing 96 pitches. That’s a nine inning pace of 169 pitches (151 after eight).

Was just reading about how Gehrig once hot four homers in one game.

Slow Friday at work, with EZGo closed. Trying to get caught up.

Since the in-laws couldn’t make the trip down, we took Matthew out for his birthday. Can’t believe he wanted to go to O’Charleys. He was thrilled to get clothes as presents. His favorite was a simple V-neck sweater.

Anna is going on a NP retreat this weekend. Not much else on tap, except putting up summer clothes and getting out the winter ones.

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