Monday, October 18, 2010

Social Event of the Season

The Whitaker party was nice, at South City Kitchen in Vinings/Smyrna on South Atlanta Road. There were almost 30 people there, sitting at two long tables. We were fortunate enough to sit at the “family” table, with all the Whitakers, Claire’s in-laws, and one other older couple that we knew. Ceil and I were actually one of the younger couples there, so I got to talk to Lang a bunch. Sat next to his wife Isabel and got to chat with her as well.

Reid had asked Lang to say a few words, and Lang had asked me for ideas. I volunteered to write/read a Top Ten list, and he readily accepted. I thought this would take place after dinner. But as soon as we were seated Lang addressed the gathering. Easy crowd…everyone was laughing at everything Lang said, and my list was a hit as well. Lang’s mom Edie couldn’t stop laughing, which was good.

Sat across from Claire’s brother-in-law Jeff, who’s one of the North Point KidStuff actors (the tall, skinny skateboarding one…Vinny?). His mother was in a women’s Bible study Ceil attended this summer. It was the first time I’d seen Ron Watts since Judy had died.

Sunday Matthew and I went to Johnson Ferry for the twin’s dedication. Only saw a few people that I knew, besides the Whitaker crowd. They all go to the service in the gym.

Friday night Will went to the home school football game, and Anna went to a low-tech party at Roswell Area Park: campfire, crafts, s’mores, hot chocolate…just a bunch of 14 year olds running around the park. C, M and I saw Toy Story 3. It was Ceil’s first time.

Took Will to his game Saturday morning. With an hour to kill, I went for a walk. Ceil called with bad news. Will’s friend Abby, who I’ve often spoken about…her dad had a heart attack and died Friday. He was my age. Abby has three younger siblings. Funeral tomorrow at Johnson Ferry.

Sunday afternoon Anna had another social gathering in Alpharetta. I had to pick her up. Also blew off the driveway. Will practiced baseball. Nice to hear him flustered about his hitting. He studied and packed…he leaves tomorrow on his trip.

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