Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Postseason Roster

I doubt Cox will only put three starters on the Division Series roster. That means Minor or Beachy makes the team, if Jurrigans can’t go.

And Cox won’t include all his rookie relievers, will he? If Saito is still hurting, Farnsworth gets the nod over Martinez.

Does Freeman make the team over an extra reliever? I say yes. As usual, the Braves will carry three catchers.

My wish list:

SP: Lowe, Hudson, Hanson

RP: Dunn, Kimbrel, Martinez, Moylan, OFlaherty, Venters, Wagner

1B: Lee, Freeman

2B: Conrad

SS: Gonzalez, Hernandez

3B: Infante, Glaus

C: McCann, Ross, Boscan

RF: Heyward, Hinske

CF: Ainkel, Cabrera

LF: Diaz, McLouth



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