Friday, October 15, 2010

Eating. And More Eating.

We’re eating out to celebrate the Whitaker’s anniversary. Lang said his dad asked him to say a few words, which sounded like The Office to me. He asked me for suggestions, so I gave him a few. He has something in mind. I wrote down some stuff as well.

Sunday his sister’s twins are being dedicated at Johnson Ferry, so I may go there.

We’re taking another inventory today, so there’s been lots of food. Donuts, pizza, and ice cream cake. No supper tonight.

Went out to lunch yesterday with the Ogre, so I didn’t need supper yesterday either. I had been planning on complaining about two coworkers, but he beat me to the punch. I know he knows, so I tried not to pile on.

Will and Anna have big things this weekend. He has a game at noon.

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