Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend of Sports

Stayed up Friday night to watch the thrilling win. Will went to bed early, since he was taking the SAT Saturday morning. I was sitting on the far end of the couch, a rare seat for me. But I sat there most of the game, typing a running commentary of the game and responding to comments from other Braves fans on Facebook.

Later I moved to the kitchen table, but when the Giants loaded the bases I figured I’d better go back to my lucky spot on the couch. Not much later Glaus turns the clutch double play. A friend in Macon said to stay put, and asked if I needed anything from the kitchen.

Earlier Friday evening I took Matthew to see Toy Story 3. Sweet movie, especially if you’ve seen the first two.

Saturday I stayed upstairs until about 1 pm, cleaning and swapping out the winter clothes with summer ones. Then I shifted the operation downstairs, folding and boxing while watched GA/Tenn, SC/Bama, and Clemson/UNC.

Ceil wasn’t happy, because Clemson played poorly, and SC beat Alabama. When SC took the lead I wasn’t worried, figuring the SC QB would screw up, and the Bama running backs would wear down SC. But Saban didn’t stick to the ground, so SC won. Having a good RB and WR sure helps.

If Clemson keeps playing bad, maybe Tech will have a chance. Good to see that Louisville transfer have a good game for Tech.

For the third straight weekend I started sneezing. While watching the first two episodes of “The Event” with Will, I realized I was wheezing. A Mountain Dew helped, but the asthma continued all night long. Mtn. Dew has lots of caffeine, which stimulates/clears blocked passages in the lungs. Not as strong as real asthma medicine, but it did the trick.

When I was a kid I couldn’t go anywhere without my inhaler, and I also took daily pills and weekly shots.

Once I had a small asthma attack at the stadium, before my high school football game. The trainer had to drive back two miles to the locker room to get my medicine. After that I carried my inhaler with me to the sidelines. Now I might have an “attack” once or twice a year.

Stopped by Kroger Sunday morning on the way to NP for more Mt. Dew, and was feeling better by the time I got home from church. Did more organizing and laundry as I watched the Falcons, Colts, and Rangers/Rays. After the Braves loss I watched the third episode of The Event.

I’d been worried that The Ogre wouldn’t let me off to go on the Living Science trip, since it will be month-end and a co-worker already has off. He had put off making the decision, then was quite busy and we hadn’t talked much. But he was quite gracious, even declining my offer to work remotely. Made me feel real good. This morning I could tell my two co-workers most affected weren’t thrilled.

At first I tried to rationalize Conrad’s errors. None of the three were routine. But to win in the playoffs when you’re already shorthanded, you’ve got to make those three plays. I just don’t think Cox has many infield options. He sure didn’t last night.

During yesterday’s game beat-writer Mark Bowman kept tweeting/texting with an updated count of how many EXTRA pitches Hudson had to throw just because of Conrad’s errors. At one point the tally was 25 extra pitches.

Was just reading in Sports Illustrated about how important good relief pitching is in the postseason. They mentioned that Philly’s bullpen is weak. Nice they have such good starters.

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