Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Living Science Graduation

This past Saturday we attended the Living Science graduation, where we saw several good friends and long-time students.

Jason Bourne – Southern Poly - spoke. Jason’s sisters attended LS, and his mom helps out a lot.
Nathan Braswell – Georgia Tech – read scripture. Nathan’s mother Amy went on all the LS trips. Little sister Jessica attends Veritas. A family of redheads.
Holt Davis – gap year. Holt and his mom went to the beach with us and the Hurts. Holt played basketball with Will, and baseball against him. His dad Mike is a big sports fan. Sister Marykathryn graduated from LS, and performed in the first LS skit I wrote.
Matt Ellis – Reinhart – sang. Matt rocked red Nike high tops to graduation…matching his red hair. Plays in Set Sail From Fiction with Joel, and is a hilarious actor and skit-writer. His dad is a fun guy, and his mom Pam went on all the LS trips.
Mary Clayton GilbertOklahoma - sang. We’re good friends with the entire Gilbert family…especially Will.
Elizabeth Hanson – college – spoke. Sister Alyssa graduated with Will, and wrote Elizabeth’s speech. Sister Emily went to the beach with us and the Hurts. Dad Craig is a sports nut. Mother Denise was my buddy on all the LS trips.
Elin Hill – theater – honored parents. My shoe-loving buddy. Mom Kari went on my last Expedition. Brother is Matthew’s buddy.
Marshall Howell – Royal Holloway in England. Attends North Point. His parents went on many trips. Mother Allison hammed it up in several of my skits.
Haley HurtUnion – spoke. Long time family friends.
Matthew Leiner – Kennesaw – spoke. 6’5”…played Barney in LS Expedition Skit (and Captain Willy). His parents were on my first LS trip, and several others. Dad has lost 40 pounds, and looked great. Mom flies for Delta.
Laura Martin – nursing – spoke. Big sister Kate showed off her college boyfriend at graduation. Mother Traci ran the kitchen crew on all the LS trips, and dad Bil usually tagged along as well.
Mary Meder – nursing – recognized teachers. Father went on Anna’s zoo trip with me. Sister Christine starred on one of my LS skits.
Wesley Pherson – Bob Jones – spoke. His father went on many of the LS trips with me.
Brianna Saylor – physical therapy – spoke. Redhead. Fellow Switchfoot fan. Big sister Jessica was in my skit.
Grace Toso – cinematography – played piano. On one LS trip I fixed her beloved ring. Always wears her hair short. Hilarious sister Joanna graduated with Will. Brother attends Berry. Mom has gone on a trip or two.
Jarrod Winkler – Universal Tech (NC). Rode in our LS East Cobb carpool. Dad drove on a couple of LS trips with me. Attends ECPC.

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