Friday, May 25, 2012

May 24 Trivia: Another Near Miss

This week trivia was outside on the deck. At first it was hot and sunny, but when the sun set it cooled off and became “romantic”…according to Erin. Emily came with the Hurts, so we had a full eight person team.
1. What bodily organ produces urine? Joel consulted with Mary, and answered correctly: the kidney. Five points.
2. What is the world’s fastest TWO-legged creature? The ostrich. Three points.
3. What is the most populated city in the USA? NYC. One point.
4. What comedy’s theme song was “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts? David and I looked at each other and nodded…Friends. Five points. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that for EVERY question?
5. What ocean’s name means “peaceful”? After some banter, Joel answered correctly. Pacific. Three points.
6. What beverage was promoted by three frogs croaking out it’s name? David and I both knew again…Budweiser. One point.
7. What is Japan’s most famous rice wine? David knew: Saki. Five points.
8. What is the Flash’s real name? We had no idea. I suggested we answer Xanna. Actually there were several answers, including Barry Allen. Just a one point miss.
9. What is the world’s largest capital city AND the highest capital in North America? A confusing question, so Erin gave us extra time. Joel thought Montreal, but that’s near the St. Lawrence Seaway. At the last minute it came to me: Mexico City. Three points. After we answered, either Mary or David said they had mentioned Mexico City.
10. Name the female who sang the following lyric. Finally a question Emily could help!
…”it’s like ten thousand spoons, when all you need is a knife…” We missed this one. I really didn’t try, then when I heard the answer I was sick…I knew this one: Alanis Morisette. That two point miss would later loom big.
…”up in the club we just broke up…I’m…” Emily knew: Beyonce. Two points.
…”I never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground…” We didn’t know: Regina Spector.
…”my love has come along, my lonely days are over, and life is like a song” David knew this oldie: Etta James. Two more points.
…”if you want to be with me, I can make your wish come true. Come and set me free, baby and I’ll be with you” Joel answered The Spice Girls. It was Christina Agularia. At the half we were five points back of the leaders, and three points out of second. We were tied with the Floppy Fishes.
11. What type of fruit forecast a violent death or close call in all three Godfather movies? Tomato sounded right to me, though I’d never seen either of the movies. It was orange. A two point miss.
12. In what month does most of Munich’s Oktoberfest celebration take place? David thought it was September. Or was it Mary? They were right. Four points.
13. What classic track by Bob Dylan became a top ten hit for Guns & Roses? We didn’t know. It was “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.” A six point miss.
14. What type of martial art means to “strike with the foot”? Emily knew: Taekwondo. Two points.   
15. Which state was the first to ratify the 13th amendment, abolishing slavery? As we discussed, Mary mentioned Illinois…playing the Abraham Lincoln card. I didn’t hear her. We answered something else. It was Illinois. No team got it right. A big four point miss.
16. What famous Johnny is proud of the fact that his last name translates to “idiot”? Again Emily perked up. She wrote down her mother’s maiden name…IRR. Since there is no famous Johnny Irr, I suggested Depp. Six points. I tweeted that Emily was busted for using her smart phone.
17. What disease takes its name from the medieval word for “bad air”? Emily was right this time: Malaria. valuable contribution…another six points. I commented on Facebook that Emily was carrying our team. Her dad was proud.
18. What is the largest dinosaur discovered so far? After a little discussion, I provided the correct answer: Bracheosaurus. Four points.
19. What is Gymnophobia the fear of? We didn’t know. Nudity. A two point miss.
Going into the final question we were in second place, six points behind the Floppy Fish.
20. Place these dance fads in order, from oldest to newest. David came over to my side of the table and we plotted. A couple of us suggested that the Cotton Eyed Joe was from the 1800’s, but we didn’t follow up on it. The wagering was Jeopardy-style: if you miss, you lose the points. Joel suggested we not wager much. We wagered the six point difference. He was on the right track.
…the Lindy Hop…1927
…the Moonwalk…1983
…the Jerk…2009 (or 1920)
…the Cotton-Eyed Joe…1861.
Seven teams wagered the full fifteen points. Six missed. The Floppy Fish wagered ten…and missed, leaving them with 48. They made the right wager. Had we wagered 15 and we both answered correctly, we still would’ve lost. Had we figured out the right wager, we would’ve known to risk nothing. We lost by two points. I blame myself.

Erin’s musical theme was early rock / sock hop / swing / awesome. Buddy Holly, the Beach Boys, Elvis, Louie Armstrong, the Everly Brothers. Songs like Doo Waa Diddy, Rockin Robin, Volarie, I Only Want to be With You. Even Emily liked it.

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