Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On The Go

It’s been crazy for me ever since last Thursday. The Switchfoot concert was quite memorable for Matthew. He knew the band would hang around and perform an after-concert, so we milled around after the show. The lead guitarist picked him up and swung him around, then he got his picture taken with the three main band members. Then the frontman performed for the 75 or so that hung around…Matthew was right at his feet. It didn’t break up until after 12:30 am.

Saturday I went with the kids to the Living Science graduation. MC sang, and Haley Hurt gave a heartfelt speech. Saw her grandmother and uncle, who I hadn’t seen in a long while. Also got to catch up with lots of Living Science folk…I hadn’t been up there in a year. The dad who runs a CiCi’s had lost 40 pounds, and narrowly missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Sunday I took M down to Passion. Anna stayed home to study, and Will went to a party at MC’s.

W and M picked up C at the airport late yesterday afternoon, then A and I met them at the OK Café. Ceil had a great time, and brought back lots of chocolates and other foodstuffs (she had to check her bag). She sat in first class on the way back…since they were flying standby, she wasn’t able to sit with her aunt on the way over, or on the way back. She took lots of great pictures…I may post some on FB.

Arrived at work this AM at 6:45. Only then did I realize I’d left my laptop at home. Drove home and went in at 7:20…no one was up yet. Got back here at 8:10…so I lost an hour and a half at work.

Work had been busy, but its getting better. The chicken lady has been off since last Thursday, but she returns tomorrow.

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