Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dwarf House: A Rare Disappointment

Late Thursday I took Matthew to the Dwarf House after his appointment. He got a milkshake, and I ordered a fried sweet potato pie. They make them to order, but I didn’t mind waiting. I was surprised to learn they cost $2.70. When I got it, it was pretty greasy…but good. Not much larger than the Varsity’s pies, which have shrunk over the years.

I know how some of those Hardees are…that really gets my goat as well. It’s supposed to be FAST food. If you have to wait 20 minutes, it ought to taste like the Dewy Destin. Then they put a higher priority on drive thru customers, and treat those who take the time to park and come inside like second-class citizens.

Matthew went to do yardwork with Will and Joel Friday…should be interesting.

Tonight Matthew and I are driving to Chattanooga for a Switchfoot concert. Won’t arrive back home until 1 am or so.

Saturday we’re going to the Living Science graduation. Mary-Clayton is singing, and Haley Hurt is one of the speakers. Supposedly Alyssa wrote her sister’s speech. Alyssa is at West Point, and can’t attend.

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