Monday, May 21, 2012

The Comparison Trap

     Dan, one of the CPA's from our old small group, lent me a bunch of NP CD's. This week I've listened to the first four "Christian" CD's and three or four of the "Comparison Trap" CD's.
     They were quite timely. Yesterday I found out Will was awarded a one-time $1,000 scholarship from my company. Nice, though we were hoping for the four year $2,000 per year scholarship. Today my work neighbor Brad told me his son received the four year scholarship. Grrr. He does already have another son already in college. When I told me I smiled, remembering the message.
     The fifth installment of Andy's "Christian" message...there's lots of internet chatter about the story he told, of the woman whose husband left her for another guy. Interesting to read all the comments, as well as the article. Andy's only response has been "listen to the entire series." Lots of people haven't, and think Andy should answer to them. Pretty funny.
     Andy mentioned the Ann Rice "Christ the Lord" books…I put them on my reading list.
     I haven't figured out Twitter, much less some for the newer medias…Instagram, etc.
     At work they raffled off Braves tickets. The girl that went sat in front of Evander Holyfield. Our seats might be better this year…closer to the Braves on deck circle. With MC coming over, I didn't put my name in the hat for the tickets.

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