Monday, May 21, 2012

Will's HS Career Records

Despite missing over six weeks of games, Will finished his high school career not only as the most decorated pitcher in Crown baseball history, but also very high in most offensive categories as well. No other individual ranks nearly as high, in so many categories.

Batting Average: 2nd highest single season total in 2011: .527
On Base Percentage: 2nd highest single season total in 2011: 603
On Base Percentage: 3rd highest career total: .512  
Hits: 3rd highest single season total: 39 in 2012
Hits: 2nd highest in Crown history (82).
Doubles: 3rd highest single season: 10 in 2012
Doubles: 2nd highest career total
Triples: most in one game
Triples: 3rd highest single season total   
Triples: 2nd highest career total
Home Runs: 4th highest career total
Runs: 3rd highest career total (72)
RBI: 4th highest career total (53)
Stolen Bases: 2nd highest single season (18)
Stolen bases: highest career total (40)
Walks: highest career total.

Wins: most in one season
Wins: most in career
ERA: lowest in career (min 40 innings pitched)
WHIP: lowest in career (min 40 IP) (BB+hits per IP)
Strikeouts: most in career (93)
Strikeouts: 3rd highest single season (46 in 2012)
These numbers do not even include Will’s varsity statistics as a freshman, when he was NAC’s regular second-baseman and opening-day starting pitcher.

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